JIMENY - Your Premier British Wholesale Supplier for Food & Household Goods 

Welcome to JIMENY Supplies, one of the leading British suppliers and wholesalers of top-quality, affordable food and household goods for retailers and businesses throughout the UK and EU. 
Established in 2017, we are dedicated to cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients, empowering them to succeed in their respective markets. 
By prioritising exceptional customer service, sustainability, and innovation, we aim to be the top choice for wholesalers in the British and European markets. 
At JIMENY, we are proud of our journey which began in 2017 with a mission to revolutionise the wholesale distribution of food and household goods in the UK and EU. 
Our vision is to set new benchmarks for quality, value, and convenience while supporting local producers, championing ethical sourcing, and minimising our environmental impact. 
As we continue to expand across Europe, we remain dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, integrity, and sustainability that leaves a lasting, positive impact on our clients, employees, and communities. 

Products and Services 

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Food and Household Goods 
Discover our extensive selection of food and household goods, sourced from some of the UK's best manufacturers. 
We offer a diverse range of categories and brands, ensuring our clients can find everything they need under one roof. 
Our product categories are constantly expanding, but our longest running product lines include: 
Canned & Packaged Goods 
Snacks & Confectionery 
Health & Wellness (Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan, Nut-free, etc.) 
Household Goods 
Personal Care 
We prioritise sourcing products from British suppliers and manufacturers, supporting local economies and ensuring the highest quality and freshness in our food offerings. 

Buying from JIMENY 

Streamlined Ordering and Rapid Delivery for Your Business 
Setting up an account with us is simple. To get started, contact us at  
We have established a reliable distribution network across the UK and Europe, ensuring fast and efficient delivery of orders, no matter the size or location of your business. 

Partner with JIMENY – Your Ideal Distributor for Food, Healthcare and Household Goods 

At JIMENY, we understand the importance of a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy distribution partner for manufacturers of food, healthcare products and household goods.  
Our extensive network, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence make us the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a distribution partner to elevate their business and expand their reach across the UK and EU markets. 

Why Partner with JIMENY? 

Expansive Network: With our well-established distribution network and strong relationships with retailers and businesses throughout the UK and EU, we offer manufacturers an unparalleled opportunity to access diverse markets and grow their customer base. 
Marketing Support: Our experienced marketing team works closely with our manufacturing partners to develop tailored marketing strategies, promotional materials and product positioning that effectively communicate your brand's value to our clients. 
Sustainable and Ethical Practices: At JIMENY, we prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our partners share our commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship. By aligning with our values, we can work together to create a positive impact on communities and the planet. 
Inventory Management: Our cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights enable us to optimise inventory management, ensuring that your products are efficiently stocked and readily available to meet customer demand. 
Personalised Support: Our dedicated team of industry experts offers personalised support and guidance, working closely with you to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges. We strive to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships that drive growth and success for both parties. 
Seamless Integration: Our streamlined onboarding process and advanced logistics capabilities ensure a smooth and seamless transition for manufacturers joining the Jimeny family. We work diligently to integrate your products into our distribution channels, minimising any disruption to your operations. 

Join Our Network of Trusted Manufacturers 

If you are a manufacturer of food, healthcare products, or household goods looking for a new distribution partner to help you reach new heights, JIMENY is the perfect choice. 
Our commitment to quality, value, and convenience, combined with our extensive network and industry expertise, make us the ideal partner to support your business growth. 

Unrivalled Customer Support for Your Business Success 

Our dedicated team of industry experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service, personalised assistance, timely order fulfilment, and proactive issue resolution to ensure your success.  
For any enquiries or support, please contact us at


To explore the potential of a partnership with JIMENY and discuss your specific needs, please contact us today. Our team is excited to learn more about your brand and products, and discuss how we can work together to achieve success in the UK and EU markets. 
63 Haslucks Green Road, Solihull B90 2ED 
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